Yoga for toddlers and children
from 6 month of age

The sooner a healthy lifestyle is cultivated, the healthier a person is.

That's why we offer Hatha Yoga courses for infants and children from the age of 6 month, in which parents can gently gain experience of movement together with their children.

Our yoga teacher Kati has many years of experience with courses for parents and kids and looks forward to training with you. The sessions are performed using yoga wheels, yoga blocks, different pillows and even a dog and a cat. But don't worry, these are two toys and not real animals!

We have all the materials on site. So you don't need to bring any mats. Just register, get started and enjoy.

The maximum group size is 6 participants. In this way we can optimally take care of all children and their needs.

For further description of the specific yoga groups, click here.



Objectives and positive effects:

  • Joint-experience of movement
  • reducing stress
  • Strengthening parent-child relationship
  • Healthier and more resilient immune system
  • Improving body awareness
  • increase in mobility
  • Gentle strengthening of the muscles


What you need:

A towel and something to drink. Please do not bring glass bottles because of the risk of injury.


A notice:

Our internationally nominated yoga teacher Kati is currently still taking care of you and teach you in English. She is diligently learning so that she will soon be able to teach you in German as well.

The 60 minutes of the Yogacours are divided in 45 minutes of activity and 15 minutes time for feedback, questions and get changed. 

20 €

90 €

150 €


Do you have a question concerning our courses?
Please do not hesitate to contact us!