Our course offers

Being overweight is easy to tackle: Eat less, move more, and stay relaxed.

In everyday life things may look different as every child, every young person, every adult, and every family is also different.

That is why our health programs are designed in such a way that we can find the right approach for each one of you.

In doing so, we can draw on the accumulated wealth of experience and expertise of specialist staff from the various areas of exercise, nutrition, psychosocial issues, and medicine - and for the first time united under one roof!

The advantage is obvious:

We look after you optimally in an interdisciplinary manner within a team and you have a contact person/team that is at your side with advice and action.

Yoga for toddlers, children
from 6 months of age and their parents

children and teenagers
from 9-14 years of age

Strong and Healthy "Surf" Kids
(6-months program) in the
age groups 6-10 and
10-14 years of age

Complementary food
cooking-class for parents

Cooking classes

Nutrition courses