About us

As a pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist, one increasingly encounters the consequences of lack of exercise and unhealthy nutrition in early childhood. Corona and the increasing media time also contribute to this issue. It is very important to us to show the children, the young people and their families a way for changing their behaviors at an early stage as well as
 to accompany them in recognizing these bad habits.

In order to be able to successfully implement this project for the children and their families, we founded the Kinderakademie-GO and brought an interdisciplinary team of sports therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and our medical team together under one roof.

We see our task as being able to offer holistic care in the areas of exercise, nutrition, relaxation and behavioral therapy so that those affected can successfully find their way to a healthy, family-friendly and everyday lifestyle.

Our goal is to enable all children and their families to live a healthy and happy life!

Ranny Goldwasser, MD and Stephan Oberle, MD.