Complementary food cooking-class for parents

Complementary food - but how?

For all parents who want to know more!

The first months of getting to know each other and getting together as a family are getting over. Until now, the milk formula was the best and only source of nutrition for your child.

The new task of introducing a solid food to your child begins now. It is the basis for the healthy physical and mental development of your infant. This step brings questions and perhaps uncertainty with it. We would like to prepare you for this new task in the best possible way!

For this purpose, we have put together a course program that consists of two modules that build on one another. Theory and practice are equally taken into account. The course also gives you the opportunity to ask individual questions and exchange ideas with other parents.

In the first module, we deal in detail with the basics of nutrition in the first year of life, signs of maturity and alternative feeding methods. The topics of food intolerances and allergies are also part of the course.

In the second module, we will prepare our first meals together in our new academy kitchen and look at suitable foods and important nutrients.

All participants receive a handout with the contents of the respective module.

If you are not able to take part in the courses on site, you can also take the course home as a video tutorial from June 2024.


Module 1:

Basics of complementary feeding

Signs of maturity

Alternative feeding methods

Intolerances and allergies


Module 2:

Practice cooking and recipes for complementary foods

Food selection

The two modules are coordinated with each other, but can also be attended individually.


Course leader:

Sabine Knebel, infant nutrition specialist
Christine Bernhard, pediatric nurse

Number of participants:

max. 6 people (married couples count as one person)


90 minutes


Seminar room/kitchen of the Kinderakademie-GO, Schwetzingerstraße 4, 69181 Leimen


every Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (alternating module 1 and module 2)


Module 1: 35.00 euros

Module 2: 35.00 euros

From June 2024, the course can also be purchased as a video tutorial.


Registration takes place via the contact form on our homepage:

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