Our Philosophy

We want to start small in our hometown and spread it throughout the entire region.

Our goal is to make our homeland a better place for us and for future generations to come.

We want to support all children, from a young age, but also throughout their growth and development into adults, to nourish themselves healthy, exercise regularly and positively integrate daily exercise into their lives. Children and their families build the foundation for their lives through the joy of exercise and a healthy attitude towards life. We hope to be able to encourage them all in achieving this.

Ranny Goldwasser pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist - Founder of the academy and the pediatric clinic

So, we see our task in confronting this complex topic of health with fun, friendliness and from our heart and soul.

We shouldn’t see ourselves as better or raised, rather we want to meet those children on an equal level and together integrate a healthy family-friendly lifestyle into everyday life - in a sustainable and long-term way.

"Finding the right path through the rough sea"

In this very important mission, the whole family, relatives, and friends are involved, and one thing is certain: there will be many ups and downs.

That is why we want to carefully raise awareness to achieve a healthy and successful approach to this topic.

Together we remain steadfast - like a rock in the mountain and with our compass we stay on course!