Strong and Healthy "Surf Kids" in the age groups:
6-10 and 10-14 years of age



Born from a pilot project and refined after a successful test phase, the 6-month program combines the topics of exercise, nutrition, relaxation and sleep and thus allows all relevant areas to interlock sensibly and optimally in-between.

Experience shows that a one-year course is simply too long for the participants and the dropout rate is far too high. In order to prevent this effect and to keep the effort for you as a family in manageable regions, we deliberately designed this course for a total duration of 6 months.

The kids start and end the course with an individual intake and anamnesis interview to get to know you and to get an idea of your current state of health. In this way, the changes (body composition, health parameters, etc.) can be represented to you at the end of the course. The kids do sport twice a week, because twice is better than once!

There are also teaching and cooking courses as part of the field of nutrition to improve body composition with pleasure and without the yo-yo effect. To achieve a long-term change in behavior and thus successfully improve in health, we have implemented two behavioral training units/ family coaching in our program.

You as parents don't miss out either because you will be able to exchange ideas together with other families at a parents' evening.

To discuss the itinerary and celebrate the successful participation in the course, we organized a kick-off and a closing event.

For this course not get too colourful, the maximum number of participants is limited to 6. So there is enough time and space for every child!


Content of the 6 month course:

Together we go on sea ride for 6 months and sail towards the goal of losing weight and learning a healthy lifestyle.

On our trip we have the following destinations:

  • 1x kick-off event (1.5 hours)
  • 1x interview/anamnesis interview/sports medical examination (1h)
  • 43 sports units (2x/ week, 1 hour each)
  • 4x nutrition units (each 1h)
  • 2x cooking courses (each 3h)
  • 4x behavior trainings (each 1h)
  • 2x parents' evening (each 1 hours, about halfway through the course)
  • 1x parents' evening (1 hours, about nutrition, sport, behave)
  • 1x final / anamnesis interview / sports medical examination (1h)
  • 1x final event (1.5h)

>> Total: 83 hours

Maximum number of participants: 6

Age groups: 6-10 and 10-14 years of age

Goals and positive effects:

  • Enjoy exercise and sport
  • Better body feeling
  • Break sluggish habits
  • Consciously enjoy nutrition
  • No crash or extreme diets
  • Increase knowledge about healthy eating consumption
  • Methods for relaxation in everyday stress
  • Motivation in everyday life
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Learning healthy behavior to ensure long-term success
  • Change in body composition
  • Improvement in health (measurable using defined parameters)


What you need:

We will inform you in the kick-off event.

Do you have a question concerning our courses?
Please do not hesitate to contact us!