Kinderakademie-GOHealth Program for children and youth together with their families
in the different fields of movement, nutrition and relaxationRanny Goldwasser MD, and Stephan Oberle MD

Hello Sailors!

Welcome to our Kinderakademie-GO, which has set itself the goal of throwing overboard obesity and the associated health and social challenges for children, young people, and their families!

We all know that more and more children, young people and their families will become in the near future overweight.

The responsibility to prevent it from coming, lies with everyone involved and since there are still no successful interdisciplinary alternatives that offer adequate help, we have created the Kinderakademie-GO!

Throughout our website we would like to inform you and your children about our offers from the various areas and hope to get to know you personally soon.

Sincerely yours,

Kinderakademie-Go Team!

Our course offers

Yoga for toddlers, children
from 6 months of age and their parents

children and teenagers
from 9-14 years of age

Strong and Healthy "Surf" Kids
(6-months program) in the
age groups 6-10 and
10-14 years of age

Complementary food
cooking-class for parents

Cooking classes

Nutrition courses

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Do you have a question concerning our courses?
Please do not hesitate to contact us!